The No-Frills Translations Platform(TM)

The AI based next Gen TMS(TM)

The DEX (Book), of Translations(TM)

The Captive TMS(TM)

Why Choose

for Translations and Localization?

TransDEX is Architected, Designed, and Built with more than TWO decades of experience with Globalization and Localization automation technologies. Primarily TransDEX is built with YOU in mind. It addresses and resolves your concerns such as Security, Ease of use, Translation quality, and cost-effectiveness.

The Pandemic has made this world an even smaller village. Globalization and Localization are not afterthoughts anymore rather, should be treated as an imperative aspect of Corporate strategy for outreach.

If you are an


we have an end-to-end solution built for you!

BODEX is excited about this new offering and eager to share it. We'll show you how this solution radically differs from a typical TMS-based solution.

Easy to Use
Zero IT help needed to Translate docs and web content.
GrandMa friendly!
Enough Said...
ZERO Manual Copy and Paste
Complete Automation. No copying lines, pasting into docs. Translate MS docs quickly, Software maintains the structure and formatting of the docs. Drag and drop docs. Get them back, translated in Seconds.
No Emailing docs and maintaining Spreadsheets
Complete Automation. Emailing docs to be translated and maintaining spreadsheets of translated sentences.
That was so 18'th Century!
If you are still doing that let us know.We'll migrate you to the 21'st Century.
Cost Effective
Translation Memory saves the day! Once you are charged for translating a word, next time around you will NOT be charged for the same word again. We Promise! Many many other design features help you save your Translation budget.
Military Grade Security
Several new design elements were used and deployed to enhance security. Ask us about these elements. We are ready.
Translation Quality Assurance
Quality checked and scored at every step.
No-Frills Philosophy
transDEX does what Translations platforms should do. Nothing more nothing else. You might be paying for features on your TMS that you may not know of or have never used or plan on using. Why pay for features that are not relevant to you?
The Minimalist design brings benefits to you.
Multi Tenant
With the light weight Translation Platform, we have turned multi-tenancy on its head.
Would you rather own a house or rent an apartment at the same cost? Ask for more info from us on this, We'll surprise you with our experience and findings.
Integration Friendly
AEM and M-Files integrations are up and being used, TransDEX is built using Architecture principles that makes it easy integrate-able.
Challenge us!

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